Puppy Care Sheet


The first 24 hours, you may noticed your new puppy is uninterested in his food, sleepy, or not pooping and peeing alot. This is generally normal for the first 24-36 hours after being picked up, as they are a bit unsettled and stressed to be leaving thier Dam and siblings, and thier familiar environment for the first time in thier lives. A Dam scented blanket has been provided to help comfort your puppy through this transition, and you can help by giving a little extra TLC, and talking calmly and soothingly to your puppy.

Most of our puppies are big cuddlers, and are soothed just by being held, or allowed to lay in a warm lap.
Warm water can also be added to puppy's food, to make it more appealing, and try to limit extra treats and such to help keep his/her tummy calm. Please do not try switching your puppy's food to try to find a brand they "like" better during this time. Quick changes in brand of food can lead to stomach upset, and lead to continued lack of interest in food.

During the first 24 hours, your puppy may experience some clear runny nose, or watery eyes, or tummy upset. They may also display mild cold like symptoms, and be more prone to picking up a infection or parasite, as thier immune system can become stressed during the transition to a new home. You can help limit this occurrence by keeping your pup away from other dogs, and germs places, like dog parks, pet stores, and classes, until they are full vaccinated (generally 16 weeks of age) and no longer going through the new home transition period (roughly two weeks in thier new home). Unfortunately, even with all precautions taken, they can still pick up a parasite or infection during this transition period. If symptoms persist for more then 24 hours, or they show signs of having difficulty breathing, coughing, fever, vomiting or diarrhea then you will want to consult your vet. This is generally a rare occurrence, but when in doubt, never be afraid to contact me, and/or your vet!

Corgis tend to be stubborn and very smart. As a puppy, we have put your puppy gently on his back, and handled his feet on a daily basis, and done weekly nail trimmings. Corgis tend to be notorious for disliking having thier feet touched, and nails trimmed, so we recommend you continue training them to allow you to touch every part of thier body, with out protest. You can do this by being gentle, but firm. If they wiggle, wait for them to calm themselves before setting them down or releasing them! They will quickly realize it is more fun to cooperate and move on quickly, then fight and have it take longer. This goes for ears and mouth as well!

We do recommend crate training. It is the safest place for your puppy if your eyes are not on him, and makes house breaking Mich easier. Be sure he is never left in a wire crate with a collar of any sort one, as they can become caught on the crate, and injure your puppy. Try not let your pup out if they are barking, whining, or otherwise carrying on. Again, they can quickly learn sitting quietly is rewarded, while unacceptable behavior is not!
Be certain to let your pup out first thing in the morning (before breakfast even!) to go potty. Praise them when they go where they should. If for some reason, they have an accident in the house, you can pick up the waste and put it in the appropriate spot outside, to help give your pup the right idea. Always praise your pup for doing the right thing, and try to redirect when they do the wrong. If you see them try to eliminate where they shouldn't, a sharp "No" or loud clap of the hands can make them realize that they are making a mistake.
You want to get your pup outside to potty very often when they are working on house breaking. First thing after being let out of the crate, after eating, or if it has been an hour or 2 since they've been out. An hour before bed time, remove food and water, then right before tucking them in thier crate for the night, take them out to potty again.
Your pup is a herding breed. They do naturally enjoy nipping, chewing, and herding. These things are acceptable, but do need to be channelled correctly. If your puppy is nipping hands, ankles, or other items, say a firm "No" or "Leave it" and replace the item (or body part, ha) with an appropriate toy or bully stick. You can also remove them your presence. Again, they learn very quickly! "If I am naughty, I lose what I want." With Corgis, what they want is generally being with thier people and/or attention!
If you have a pup who is going to be alone during the day, a puzzle toy such as a Kong, stuffed with goodies and frozen, is a good way to keep your pup entertained and stimulated while you are away. We use xylitol free peanut butter, low sodium broth, small amounts of cheese, and various fruits and veggies to stuff ours. Make sure you never use grapes or raisins, as these are toxic to dogs!

We feed free choice (food and water always available), as our dogs are very active. Your pup will eventually need regular meal times. Follow the directions on the bag of food you choose, and remember that smaller, more frequent meals are better then 1 big meal! Also, keep in mind any treats you may feed also will add to the calorie intake, and be aware of what you are feeding in total. Corgis are happiest with a defined waistline! An overweight Corgi is not living life to the fullest, and is at risk for serious health problems.

Your puppy has been well vaccinated and wormed, and comes from well vaccinated, wormed, and health tested parents. For pups born after 7/2018, this means Bordetalla at 3 weeks, Neopar at 4 weeks, and a 5 way plus Lepto at 7 weeks of age. Worming generally takes place at 2,3,4,6, and 8 weeks of age with Nemex-2, and a 3 day course of Safegaurd at 7 weeks. We do run fecals at well checks, and adjust worming accordingly. Please keep in mind, young pups are very difficult to keep completely free of worms, as they generally love tasting everything they come across that smells interesting (read: stinky and disgusting). You will want to be sure that you discuss an appropriate worming and vaccination schedule with your vet, once you pick up your pup. Make sure you take your pups' worming and vaccination chart with you to your first vet visit, so that your vet is aware of exactly what your pup has, and has not recieved!

At the time of pick up, you were provided with your puppy's individual vaccinat

ion, worming, health records, as well as microchip info, and AKC registration info. I take care of registering your pup's microchip into your name, and completing his AKC paperwork. In order to do this, I must have your name, address, email, phone number, and the "official" registration name you have chosen for your pup. It is perfectly all right to take your pup home, and get to know him/her before choosing a name, but be sure to send the name to me once you decide, so I can complete the paperwork!
Of course, if you ever have a concern, or question, ect. I am always here to help!! Never hesitate to contact me for any reason, and be sure to send updates when you can :)
Fawn Lane Farm Corgis

FAQ – please read and understand PRIOR to contacting us about a puppy.

So you are interested in a Fawn Lane Farm puppy… What to do next?

I am always inundated with request from people interested in one of our puppies. What should they do next? First off, please understand these “dogs” are our family members. Their health, safety, and well-being come before anything else. When we do have puppies, the same goes for them. Puppies are quite fragile and vulnerable. They are not protected by fully formed immune systems until 4 plus months of age. They must be kept very warm, and handled gently during the first month of life. Because of these facts, we are extremely strict with our bio-security and who we allow to handle the pups outside of myself, and my children. My husband isn’t always trusted with our pups ;) So please, do not be hurt or offended, by our declining visits to our farm during gestation of a pregnant bitch, or when we have newborn pups. It is quite a balance to walk between protecting our babies, and helping them to meet their future families! When in doubt, we tend to err on the side of protecting the health of our babies. We are NOT, AT ANY TIME, “Open To The Public”. We can send videos and photos of puppies, but do not allow visitors without a pre-arranged appointment to pick up their puppy. We do not allow people to visit to “pick out a puppy”, unless the puppy in question, is at least 6 months of age, and would therefore have a much stronger immune system and vaccination history. If you arrive WITH OUT a pre-arranged appointment, you will not be allowed on property, and will be asked to leave. We are not a pet store, we are a family who happens to love the breed, wants to help to protect the bloodlines, and heritage of these wonderful dogs. I’m sorry to have to be so explicit, but we have had this recently misunderstood!

Another question I receive is “ When is your next litter due?”  For us, this can be difficult to respond to.  We do not breed our dogs to meet “demand”.  We generally breed because we are looking for something in a future show prospect, or are in some other way trying to better the breed.  This means we might not have a litter for a year… or two… or five.  In this case, I can normally recommend I breeder I know from nearby, or I have met through my Corgi pals. If you are looking for a pup specifically from us, we ask for patience, and we understand that some families are wanting their pup more immediately then we may have available.  For that reason, we do not accept deposits on unborn pups, nor do we have a “waiting list”.  We do offer you the ability (and encourage!) to keep track of our activities on our FB page, Fawn Lane Farm Corgis, and we will announce the birth of pups in the forum first.  FOR BEST RESPONSE, PLEASE PM THAT PAGE.  We do not respond to blanket inquiries, or one line questions.  We appreciate your patience.  We are currently are inundated with families looking for pups, and have very few pups to offer.  We strive for quality, not quantity!!  That being the case, we may have 6 pups to offer, for every 100 families inquiring.  Pups are offered to approved families, who have submitted thier bios, first by matching pups to potential families, then in order of inquiry. ** YOU DO NOT HAVE A PUP "RESERVED" UNTIL YOU HAVE SUBMITTED THE NECESSARY INFORMATION,  BEEN MATCHED WITH A  PARTICULAR PUP, AND HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR DEPOSIT.**

 We very rarely do “Expecting” or “Future” Litter announcements, because (to be candid), a lot can go wrong between pairing a future pair of parents, and delivery of healthy pups.  When pups are born, we will announce their birth, share photos, and keep everyone updated with pictures. At around 2-4 weeks depending on each litter, we will begin accepting applications (basically a paragraph or two telling us about you and your family, and what you are looking for in a prospective pup) and we begin to accept deposits. Deposits are non-refundable once placed. The balance on your chosen puppy will be due, prior to the pup leaving our hands.  We do sell all of our puppies on a contract, which is posted below.

What is the process to be “approved” for a Fawn Lane Farm Pup? Once again, we are not a pet store ;) We do not just sell our puppies to anyone may have the purchase price at their disposal. We enjoy getting to know perspective puppy families, and try our best to match them with the perfect pup for them. This can be time intensive process, but we feel it is the best way to assure everyone’s happiness long term. When pups are born, we will announce their birth, share photos, and keep everyone updated with pictures at around 2-4 weeks depending on each litter.  We will then begin accepting applications (basically a paragraph or two telling us about you and your family, and what you are looking for in a prospective pup) and we begin to accept deposits. Deposits are non-refundable once placed. The balance on your chosen puppy will be due, prior to the pup leaving our hands. We do sell all of our puppies on a contract, which is posted below. 


We love to have our pups go to to loving, active families.  We try to keep our pups as affordable as possible with out sacrificing the quality of care they deserve. Pet pups with limited registration start at $1800.00 and can go on up to $3500.00 for a full registration show pup.  Full registration pups are only available on a case by case basis. Such a pup must meet our personal requirements for potential breeding and showing, and must be matched with an owner we feel will be able to care for such a pup accordingly.  Please keep in mind Breeding or Show potential is just that- potential.  We cannot guarentee anything other then a happy, healthy pup, raised with love and pride!

What is included with your new pup?

We currently feed our adults and pups Eukenuba Lamb and Rice. Adults get the adult version, and pups 6 months and under get the puppy version.  Pups receive Neopar at 4 Weeks, then thier first 5 way shot at 7 weeks old, with boosters at 10 weeks and 13 weeks (if pups are with us past the 12 week mark).   Pups are wormed at 2,4,6,8,10,12 weeks.  They have thier tails and dewclaws removed at 3-5 days of age.  We do consider leaving pups with tails and dewclaws, if requested by new owner, and pup is paid for in full, with no refunds, before 3 days of age.  Pups go for thier well Puppy check at between 6-8 weeks of age, to be seen by our veterinaran. They leave for thier new homes between 8 and 10 weeks of age, and go home with thier AKC application submitted , microchip implanted and registered, a puppy pack (includes a blanket, toy, vacccination records, health certificate *if traveling out of state via transport or air*, food/water bowel, poop bags, wet wipes, collar, leash, Eukenuba New Puppy Folder with coupons, and small bag of transition food).  

How to get my pup home...

Of course, we prefer to meet our new Pup's families and owners!!  After all, by owning one of our pups, you are now part of our extended family :)  However, being a farming family ourselves, with young children, we know that sometimes a trip to the store 10 minutes away can take hours... or a lifetime.  So we are able to ship, in most cases, either by air line at 10 weeks of age, or with an Approved USDA Liscensed ground transport.  For ground transport we use The A Team Transport when ever possible, because of their private transport and impeccable care of our babies.  Please contact them directly for quotes on your transport needs!  As always, travel charges and associated costs, and risks, are always the sole responsibility of the new owner.

We try to be as open about our dogs and practices as possible.  Hopefully, the above info, though overwhelming, has been helpful! You can find almost anything about all of our dogs on our FB page,  Fawn Lane Farm Corgis.  If you have a question which hasn’t been addressed, please feel free to contact us!  

Puppy Contract / Sales Agreement

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